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Eye Jewellery by Yury Revich

Photo: zVg Yury Revich


Eye Jewellery by Yury Revich

An art collection of dairying, authentic and unique Eye Jewellery pieces that allow you to wear art on you and become the art piece yourself, and transform the world around you without compromising.

“Since I was a child was always inspired by the world’s shapes around me, by the sense of time, the air, atmospheric geometry, and space function. I was always thinking: is there a limit to unlimited fantasy and dreams? How would Dreamland look like? Would it be a box for each person according to their own desires or infinite space of possibilities for everyone?

How would it feel to look to the world through the windows of the endless fantasy? I decided to fulfil my passion and created those «windows.» These are the pieces for eyes, reflecting the shapes of the world and sound. They protect you from the routine of the world around you and create your own infinite space.

I believe a person’s face is a canvas with a million feelings, and eyes are the universe of diverse emotions and energies. Pieces I design are created to express those energies further and are translated into physical objects.”, says Yury Revich (ECHO and International Classical Music Awards winner, UNICEF Austria Honorary Representative, Stradivari Violinist).

Each piece is created exclusively bespoke and inspired by important aspects of Yury Revich’s lifestyle:
Music and Mother Earth. Nature and Sound. Visual and Multi-Sensory Appearances and Exhibitions of Eye Jewellery.

In July Yury Revich attended the premiere of the film Restless at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. It was the first red carpet appearance of Yury with his new “Shostakovich” Eye Jewellery piece. On the 10th of July, the Infinite Soundwave Eye Jewellery piece was premiered in Monaco’s Forum Grimaldi as part of Diane Venet exhibition: Jewellery by Artists. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco.

“It was a true pleasure for me, as musician and artist to present my artworks as part of this wonderful exhibition by Diane Venet which included art jewellery pieces by Picasso, Koons, Dali, Wurm etc. It is very inspiring and also rewarding to be able to express my vision as an artist not only through music, but through physical art works- my Eye Jewellery. My first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival left me with many great memories and I am thankful for the great feedback about my Shostakovich Eye Jewellery piece I wore on the red carpet.”, says Yury Revich.

More Information about Eye Jewellery by Yury Revich:

Current Exhibitions
July 2021, Monaco, Forum Grimaldi
As part of Diane Venet’s “Jewellery by Artists” Collection, the Infinite Sound Wave piece debuted publicly with grand success.
Diane Venet’s “Jewellery by Artists” Collection, the Infinite Sound Wave.

September 2022, New York, Sotheby’s
24.September-4.October, Shostakovich piece to be auctioned and exhibited as part of Sotheby’s auction and exhibition “Art As Jewlery As Art”.

October 2022, Brussels, Villa Empain – Boghossian Foundation
Diane Venet’s “Jewellery by Artists” Collection, the Infinite Sound Wave.

Caption main image: Yury Revich, Prince Albert of Monaco and Diane Venet

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